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TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC

Welcome to the official site of TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC!

We never charge a client for an investigation!

This is the official website of TnT Paranormal InvestigatorsLLC. To learn more about us please visit our About page.

How to reach us:  If you require an investigation, have a question about the paranormal, or have a general inquiry about the team, paranormal, or TnT Paranormal Netowk feel free to fill out the Contact Us form or send us an email.   If you wish to schedule us for an Event whether it be the Paranormal Lecture Series, Guest Speaker at a paracon, assistance with a fundraiser or cleanup, or setup an Investigate with Event please fill out the Event Request Form.

Social Media and Other Key Information:  Feel free to visit our team Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Periscope (@TnTParanormal), and Youtube.  If you would like to signup for our to receive email announcements click here or email us and say "Opt In for Distribution List" in the subject line.


4/18/2020We are sorry to announce, that due to COVID-19, these upcoming lectures have been cancelled.  We are working to reschedule them as soon as possible.  We have added two more FREE lectures at local Central Florida libraries. On May 30th we will be at the West Oaks Library in Ocoee at 11AM to present the 106 program - America's Most Haunted. On June 13th we will be at the Downtown Orlando Library in Orlando at 11AM to present the 104 program - Haunted Case Files. Go to the Events page to learn more.

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Team founded in 2009 and officially became an LLC in 2010.

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